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Pics, pics and more pics October 13, 2011

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And, even more pics October 13, 2011

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More pics October 13, 2011

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Pictures October 13, 2011

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Safari and thoughts… October 8, 2011

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We spent the last 2 days on safari! Lions and tigers and bears, OH MY! Ok, so nix the tigers and bears. But we did see a mosaic of animals – giraffe, zebra, elephants, monkeys (with blue bottoms), gazelle, buzzards, baboons, lions (male and female), a rhinoceres, hyena, warthogs, water buffalo, and so many more. The landscape went from rocky to sandy to red clay. Boabab trees, also known as "upside down" trees dotted our way. We were able to stay in a beautiful lodge called Eileen’s Inn. We had individual villa’s for two. And a swimming pool name Kellie’s lala. We brought one of the New Life band children who had never been in a swimming pool before. We enjoyed evening entertainment last night of African dancers and gymnasts.

Today was an emotional day for many of us. The thought of leaving our tight knit group of 24 is one thing…leaving the homeland, our host families, the kids that we expanded our hearts for, the New Life band, the New Life school, the Masai people, our devoted drivers, and every other person that crossed our path is a whole other story. God has done many things on this adventure. I must admit that I thought that He would purpose something mighty in the land of Tanzania, but mostly he purposed an awakening in my heart and the hearts of most on our team. He has poured His compassion, His empathy, His unfailing love, His provision, His faithfulness, His delight over us like a balm. He has cast out fear. He made us believe that we are created for a purpose. That we are beautiful in His sight. We are aware that He has called us to be a willing participant in His plan. He has called us to simplify our lives. In many ways, we were changed more than anyone here.

Making memories… October 5, 2011

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The children at the New Life school are in the midst of their national exams. We are talking serious business. There are armed guards watching over them to make sure they don’t cheat. The kids have been so stressed that there have been many sick due to nerves. So, as Americans who love a good party, last night we decided to surprise them (all 180 of them) with ice cream and The Lion King 1 1/2. For most, they had never had ice cream or seen a movie…especially on the big screen. We took a generator, the white side of a large tarp, 50 liters of ice cream, 200 cups, 200 spoons and made a memory that they will never forget. Between laughter, screams of delight, sugar buzzes and wonderful fellowship, it turned out to be a memory that we Tanzanian’s/wuzungu’s (white people) will never forget.

God has blessed us so abundantly. We have been humbled, we have cried, we have laughed, we have been tried, we have been stretched, we have been changed.

Thank you Jesus…

Baba Baba Baba, tuna kua budu (Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, we worship you)

More news! October 1, 2011

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Day 5: Day 2 of the eye clinic to test the students, teachers and surrounding communities (Masai village). We gave away many reading, sun, and prescription glasses. While registering patients, some kept the munchkins entertained. They had many questions of America, of our families, our friends, our habits, our likes, our dislikes, our food, our culture, our electrical power (they have it for around 6 hours per day – usually from 6pm to midnight or midnight to 6am). They taught us games and we taught them tic tac toe. We hugged, loved and laughed for hours.
The construction team is working on repairing/replacing the boys dorm stairs. 10 boards cost $100 here! They are manually measuring, sawing and repairing/replacing.
We also mixed, spackled and painted on the beginning stages of a wall length white board (in 2 rooms). Once we are given access to the ambulance, we will be able to finish the white boards.
The nurses worked in a clinic and baby/mother hospital. Carolyn was able to assist in delivering a baby!

Day 6: Today was the very first graduation celebration of the New Life school. 5 hours and 50 graduates later, it was an amazing honor and blessing to experience this. I (Kelli) was chosen to pray the closing prayer for the entire celebration. There must have been 400 people in attendance. It was an honor to speak blessings over the school, the community and the New Life band.

Tidbits: Hakuna matata is the word of the day. Tanzanian’s are on a schedule very different than ours. They are very laid back and relaxed. There really is no time schedule. A typical day for us is to wake around 7am, take a bucket shower (water boiled by putting coals in a pail and heating a container of water to boiling, we add cold water to bear it), eat breakfast (depending on the home – bread, fruit, water, juice, tortilla type things, omelets – eggs and veggies), and then head off for a day at either the school or the baby/mother hospital. We have lunch delivered (4 hours is the average delivery time). Lunch is usually at 3pm. We wrap up the day around 5pm. We head home in public transportation. Rush hour in Tanzania is much different than in the states. Not much for road rage, just a battle to get on the road before the cycles, goats, cows, or other public transport. Toyota’s are the most popular vehicle. Once home, we shower and then head for tea time (snack) of hot tea and popcorn. We lounge, journal or play soccer with our host family kiddo’s for an hour or two (Dennis is age 3 and David is age 7). 9pm is dinner time. We have rice, beans, fruit, juice, coffee, anchovies, or whatever creation our amazing host families can surprise us with.

Day 7 will be church and then off to pray for the New Life school students final exams. Later in the day we may go to market.

Please continue to pray for us and God’s continued manifestation. We are awaiting an AH-MA-ZING encounter and know that we are on the brink.

Also, please pray for a little girl (between 1-2 years). She was badly burned by scalding hot water/tea. She has large blistering and is in extreme pain. We know that our Daddy is a Daddy of healing and miracles and are believing that this is one of those times.

Also, please contend with us. We are trying to get the ambulance we sent over earlier and the container we shipped from customs. There is politics and money hunger involved in releasing it to us. We are praying for God’s divine provision and open doors! It says in Mark, if we believe with everything inside of us, He will move mountains. We are speaking to those mountains and saying, MOVE, in Jesus’ name! Yeah, baby!

Please continue to pray for continued unity of our group. Emotions are changing daily with our environment and we need the spirit to guide us, and give us grace for our team. So far, so good.

OH! We were able to visit a Masai home yesterday. WOW! My heart overflows with love and compassion for this people. May God’s anointing and blessing and provision overflow on their resources, their health, their land, their salvation. My heart is to reach the unreachable by loving unconditionally. This people group is in dire need of love, attention and resources. Pray with me for an indwelling of His joy, His spirit, His provision, His wisdom, His grace, His mercy.

I would like to pray for our amazing support back home – Daddy, thank you for this opportunity to love on your children! We are so grateful for the support, the contending, the prayer, the friendships we have in our friends back home. I pray a blessing over them. I pray that you strengthen their frame. I pray that you raise up the dry bones and wet them with your refreshment. I pray your manifestation to not only fall on us here in Tanzania, but to travel to the USA and indwell every heart. I pray that joy arises and overflows. I pray that your ways are transforming. I pray for your sufficiency. I pray for your power to rise up. I pray for receiving and postured hearts. Daddy, bless our friends and family back home. Refresh them. Restore them. In Jesus’ mighty name. Amen

Awaiting His power! September 29, 2011

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WOW! Our 4th day in Tanzania! Amazing things have happened and we are expectant of amazing things to come! Here is a re-cap of our days so far…

Sunday – we arrived in Tanzania around 8pm. After going through customs, we were greeted by our party (James, Ruth and Prince; Ondo; Gideon, all members of the New Life band). With greetings, hugs and joyful noises, we led a caravan to each host family home. Once arriving, we were greeted with a midnight feast! Bellies full, we passed out from jet lag.

Monday – we all woke up at different times (per our Tanzanian sister, Larissa loves the bed). Breakfast was served. Breakfast varied from house to house. Omelets (fresh eggs and veggies), toast, fresh fruit, chai tea, ginger/garlic tea, etc. Mind you, as we were guests, we were fed in abundance. Meals for the family are not as elaborate.

We went to the church to sort baggage, we celebrated Josiah’s birthday, and then we went to our homes to doll up for the nights festivities. The New Life Band members threw a party for us to introduce us to their band and family members. We sat outside, under the stars, dining on rice, potatoes, banana, cucumber salad, chicken (freshly sacrificed), cow meat, soda (Fanta and Coca Cola), and birthday cake. Things finally wound down at around midnight.

…Ok, done for now. Battery running low.

Habari za mchana (good afternoon)

For Lexi September 29, 2011

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For my (Kelli) babygirl, Lexi. This message is just for you…

Mpendwa Lexi, nakupenda sana. siwezi kusubili kukuelezea habari za Tanzania, hata kama haupo hapa watu wa Tanzania wanakupemda pia. Nina hamu ya kukuona.
nakupenda, mama.

Lexi – google these words to find out what I have said.

Love you, mama

We’re here! September 27, 2011

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Jambo/Mambo/Habari (hello, how’s it going) family!

Our total flight time was 19.5 hours. Not much sleep, but alive in the Spirit!

The weather has been cool, but that isn’t stopping us! We will be going to the school today and the market later.

We are blessed to be here in Tanzania! Our families have accepted us with open arms and hearts. They threw a party last night to introduce us to their families (New Life Band). Amazing food, amazing fellowship, God’s continued anointing and manifestation.

God blessed the land with rain the first day we were here! We are praying for more of His ‘rain’ as we continue on our journey.

Join us in doing our daily devotionals! It starts our day out right and blesses us from sun-up to sundown.

Our phone numbers here are: 011 255 755 090 789 (rick) and 011 255 755 094 662 (karen)

Signing off for now, but proud to be representing all of our people back in the states!

Ninakupenda (I love you!)

Tanz Team 2011