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Safari and thoughts… October 8, 2011

Posted by Hope 2 Tanzania in Other.

We spent the last 2 days on safari! Lions and tigers and bears, OH MY! Ok, so nix the tigers and bears. But we did see a mosaic of animals – giraffe, zebra, elephants, monkeys (with blue bottoms), gazelle, buzzards, baboons, lions (male and female), a rhinoceres, hyena, warthogs, water buffalo, and so many more. The landscape went from rocky to sandy to red clay. Boabab trees, also known as "upside down" trees dotted our way. We were able to stay in a beautiful lodge called Eileen’s Inn. We had individual villa’s for two. And a swimming pool name Kellie’s lala. We brought one of the New Life band children who had never been in a swimming pool before. We enjoyed evening entertainment last night of African dancers and gymnasts.

Today was an emotional day for many of us. The thought of leaving our tight knit group of 24 is one thing…leaving the homeland, our host families, the kids that we expanded our hearts for, the New Life band, the New Life school, the Masai people, our devoted drivers, and every other person that crossed our path is a whole other story. God has done many things on this adventure. I must admit that I thought that He would purpose something mighty in the land of Tanzania, but mostly he purposed an awakening in my heart and the hearts of most on our team. He has poured His compassion, His empathy, His unfailing love, His provision, His faithfulness, His delight over us like a balm. He has cast out fear. He made us believe that we are created for a purpose. That we are beautiful in His sight. We are aware that He has called us to be a willing participant in His plan. He has called us to simplify our lives. In many ways, we were changed more than anyone here.


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