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Awaiting His power! September 29, 2011

Posted by Hope 2 Tanzania in Other.

WOW! Our 4th day in Tanzania! Amazing things have happened and we are expectant of amazing things to come! Here is a re-cap of our days so far…

Sunday – we arrived in Tanzania around 8pm. After going through customs, we were greeted by our party (James, Ruth and Prince; Ondo; Gideon, all members of the New Life band). With greetings, hugs and joyful noises, we led a caravan to each host family home. Once arriving, we were greeted with a midnight feast! Bellies full, we passed out from jet lag.

Monday – we all woke up at different times (per our Tanzanian sister, Larissa loves the bed). Breakfast was served. Breakfast varied from house to house. Omelets (fresh eggs and veggies), toast, fresh fruit, chai tea, ginger/garlic tea, etc. Mind you, as we were guests, we were fed in abundance. Meals for the family are not as elaborate.

We went to the church to sort baggage, we celebrated Josiah’s birthday, and then we went to our homes to doll up for the nights festivities. The New Life Band members threw a party for us to introduce us to their band and family members. We sat outside, under the stars, dining on rice, potatoes, banana, cucumber salad, chicken (freshly sacrificed), cow meat, soda (Fanta and Coca Cola), and birthday cake. Things finally wound down at around midnight.

…Ok, done for now. Battery running low.

Habari za mchana (good afternoon)


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